Beehive British Standard

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British Standard Beehive 

This is a three layer beehive ideal to get started in beekeeping or make a new addition to your hives. The brood box and supers are flat packed whereas the top box and bottom board  come fitted. 

Includes an inspection board aswel as a crown board. 

We recommend painting your beehive on arrival to ensure a longer life. Ideally, three coats of standard garden fence paint will do the job.

You should then paint your beehives on a yearly basis. If your hives are up against a wall or bushes, don’t forget to paint the back! 

Once your bee colony grows, feel free to add a super or brood box. I normally go for supers as they’re lighter and easier to work with.

Ensure that you purchase the correct hive frames which in this case are the British standard frames.

The beehive entrance has a removable wooden piece. This allows you to widen or shorten the beehive entrance. I normally keep the entrance wide throughout the year for nice easy access for the bees. 

 The top box is made from tin and is very strong and durable. You can (if you like) place some small plant pots on to top for a nice look. I like doing this and find that the bees love it too.


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