Beekeeping Jacket - Roman Grey

Size: Small
Sale price£35.00


Key Features

Detachable Veil During those hot summer days when you need a short break, you can easily remove the Veil for a drink of water or even a taste of your honey! We recommend veils are washed by hand.


UV Protection All our veils are produced with UV protecting qualities.


Large Hooped Zippers Our large hooped zippers offer easy access to unzip your clothing or completely remove the veil. This is particularly helpful when trying to unzip your Jacket when still wearing beekeeping gloves.


Zipper to Neck Unlike other Beekeeping Jackets our zipper closes past the collar and behind the veil and not only that we also have a Velcro strap covering the zippers when closed. This safeguards you from any unwanted bees slipping through the Jacket and into your veil!


Elasticated Cuffs By having elasticated cuffs on both wrists, this greatly reduces the chance of bees (or any other insect) from sneaking into your Jacket. As these are considered to be high risk areas for penetration, you want to trust that your suit can safeguard against such risks.


Elastic Thumb Loop The Thumb Loops ensure your sleeves stay tucked in to your gloves maintaining a solid bee proof seal.


Elasticated Waste Giving you a more sturdy fit along the waste limiting excessive movement of the Jacket.


Multiple pockets We have multiple pockets on our suits providing ample space to carry tools and accessories.


Sweat Absorbent Unique blend of cotton and polyester giving sweat absorbent properties.


Machine Washable All Goldbee clothing is machine washable.


Wasp Stings Our bee Suits and Jackets have been thoroughly tested in field by professional wasp exterminators and have proven to be very effective. Our blend of cotton and polyester gives outstanding wasp sting protection. 

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